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In support of programs and public access at the Pinedale Aquatic Center, Friends of PAC is excited to offer financial scholarships for qualifying youth to assist in covering membership and/or program registration fees. PAC is a facility meant to be enjoyed by all in the community and Friends of PAC wants to ensure that all have the opportunity to benefit from its services without being restricted due to financial need.

Friends of PAC is proud to offer scholarship opportunities for youth memberships and programs. Adults in need of financial assistance should contact PAC directly to inquire about PAC's scholarship program.


  • Monthly Youth Membership

  • Youth Programs (includes after school, swim lessons, and Jr Wrangler sport programs)

  • Little Wrangler Summer Day Camp


  • Open to youth (ages 18 and under) residing in Sublette County. Summer day camp recipients must be a student of Sublette County School District #1 or #9.

  • Demonstrate financial need. In general, the income criteria for the federal free and reduced lunch program will be used to determine eligibility. Exceptional family situations will also be considered.

2024 TANF Guidelines.png


  1. Submit a completed application, include a written statement explaining your need for the scholarship and how you and your child will benefit from their involvement in the program (activity) or use of PAC (membership).

  2. Once you receive a confirmation email from Friends of PAC, call or visit PAC to register for the program or purchase your membership. Your portion of the fees will be due at the time of registration.

  3. Complete a short post program survey. For camp scholarship recipients there are three surveys required. 


  • Applications will be approved on a monthly basis. Completed applications must be received by the 1st of the month to be considered.

  • Request for PAC programs should be submitted prior to the program start date and with time to be approved before registering. Scholarships will not be approved for a program that has already started or finished. No reimbursement will be issued for a program or membership that is already purchased. 

  • Applications for full summer Little Wrangler Day Camp are open February 28, 2024-April 10th, 2024. As spots fill quickly, we cannot guarantee a spot in camp for any applicant. If you are awarded a scholarship we highly recommend registering for camp as soon as the registration opens on April 16th, 2024. Camp registration information camp be found on the Pinedale Aquatic Center website.  Camp scholarship applications will be reviewed each week during the application period and award information will be sent each Friday during the application period listed above.


  • Funding is not guaranteed and is dependent on eligibility criteria and availability of funds. Scholarship funding is limited, we strongly recommend that applications are submitted as early as possible for desired programming. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

  • In general, scholarships will be awarded on a case by case basis and may be up to 100% program coverage.  A sliding income scale may be utilized to determine a larger award amount. Summer camp applications will first be awarded using TANF funds, up to 75% of the cost of camp.  For Summer Camp ONLY: if you qualify for up to 100% and/or need additional assistance to pay for camp, please make sure to email or call Friends of PAC and leave a detailed explanation of your circumstances. The goal of TANF is to provide childcare during the summer to maintain employment. Friends of PAC is very eager to help families attend camp at little to no cost and have additional funding outside of the TANF grant for extenuating circumstances. If you need any assistance in completing the application please email and we will assistant in any way that we can. 

  • Program scholarship awards are capped at two awards per person per season (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer). Summer camp scholarships are available for up to 4 children per family.

  • There is no limit on the number of reoccurring membership scholarships however eligibility for renewal will require a minimum of 10 check-ins during the previous awarded month. Underutilized scholarships will not be reconsidered.

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Monthly Memberships

Swim Lessons

After School Programs

Mermaid Class

Littler Wrangler Summer
Day Camp

Climbing Club

Outdoor Programs

Jr Wrangler Sports

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Scholarships made possible by generous private donations and grant funding

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