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In 2022 FoPAC supports PAC with over...

In 2022, Friends of PAC supported PAC with almost $125,000 in funding! This number breaks down a few different ways....

2022 PAC Giving:

$22,740 in equipment, services, and other support to the PAC

$102,160 in direct financial services to the PAC

= a total of $124,900 transferred to PAC in 2022!!!!

YTD Dollars Raised: $155,016.25

Grants: $48,635.65

Foundations: $37,000.00

Private Donors: $4,497.15

Sponsorships: $15,185.00

Events: $49,698.45

Thanks to Grant dollars and all of our fantastic donors who supported Friends of PAC in 2022, we have had our most successful fundraising year to date! All of these dollars go toward supporting the PAC, an essential and key part of the Pinedale Community and beyond. From youth to seniors alike, PAC provides a place for children to go after-school and programming indispensable to the physical and social development of our youth. From pickle ball to aqua aerobics, PAC has something for everyone. We are proud and honored to be able to provide supplemental funding and community engagement for ongoing recreational services and facilities in support of the Pinedale Aquatic Center. Thank you!

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