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Midnight on the Mesa
June 16 & 17, 2023
Pinedale, WY

It's not just the run, it's the experience...

Midnight on the Mesa 12-Hour Trail Running Relay (June 16 & 17, 9pm-9am)

Experience the thrill of running the high desert of beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. With a starting altitude of 7285', you'll feel as though you are running among the stars during this 12-hour trail running relay. With a start time of 9pm, the first runner for each team will take off under the rising moon, complete one lap and hand off to a teammate. The 1-6 person teams will continue the exchange rotation, with one runner on the course at a time, until 9am Saturday. The goal is to complete as many laps in 12-hours as possible... or as you want! The 4-mile loop will take participants up 375' to the top of Mount Airy for a spectacular view of the Wind River Mountains towering over the Pinedale valley and the expansiveness of the Mesa before winding down the two track and single track trails back to base camp. Whether your goal is one lap each or 4 laps each, this friendly relay race is the perfect launch into summer.

After the race on Saturday, stay at the Log Cabin Motel, and explore all that Pinedale has to offer!

An event for every running enthusiast...

If running through the night isn't your style, we've got other options!

One Lap Race (Friday, June 16 @ 7pm)

This one lap, 4-mile trail race will give participants all of the experience of the Midnight on the Mesa run without the endurance challenge of repeating the course (or the running in the dark). If you're running the relay and want to punish yourself by racing the single lap as well, your single lap registration is free!


Free Kids Race (Saturday, June 17 @ 8:30am)

Bring your kids along and make it an event for the whole family with the Morning on the Mesa. This is a free kid's race that is a short lap near base camp.

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